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Marek Żochowski - accounting advisor

Marek Żochowski has graduated from Warsaw School of Economics, he has co-operated with some of the major international auditing and consulting companies like Roedl & Partner and BPG Group Poland.
He is a finalist of ' Accountant of the Year' competition organized by the Society of Accountants of Poland and Sage Symfonia.

Marek Żochowski is a strong negotiator and mediator as well as good specialist able to solve difficult cases and critical situations with treasury departments.

He has a big experience in tax law and accountancy.

He is an author of many publications concerning taxing issues. He is a regular contributor to INFOR Publishing Group, which publishes "Gazeta Prawna" and "Monior Księgowego". He provides lectures on accountancy and taxes at training sessions organized by INFOR.

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